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At EAP, we are proud to provide individualized ABA services in home, school and community settings for children and youth of all ages. Our team has significant experience with early intervention, school-aged programming and transitioning to adulthood. We do not have a physical clinic, instead we provide services in the settings where children spend most of their time. We believe strongly in working collaboratively with families and other service providers. Our model of intervention aims to best meet the needs of each family and child; this means that we are flexible in our approach and consider parents and family members to be a child's best resources and advocates. Consultant's work closely with families to develop a Treatment Plan with individualized goals and approaches to support skills development and reduction in problem behaviours. 


Our team includes Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBAs), Junior Consultants and Senior Behaviour Interventionists. Our team approach allows for increased supervision hours and maximized intervention hours. We are happy to work with families who are funding their program through provincial funding alone. Behaviour Interventionists (BIs) and parents/caregivers are trained by our team to implement interventions. We are happy to provide resources to families who are looking for BIs. 

Program Highlights: 

  • BCBA Supervision 

  • Individualized goals, programming and approach 

  • Child-focused and family-centred 

  • Home/community-based program 

  • Parent coaching and collaboration 

  • Collaboration with other professionals (e.g., OTs/SLPs/teachers)

  • Evidence-based interventions 

  • Data-based decision-making

  • Positive behaviour supports 

  • Practical functional assessment

  • Skill-based treatment 

  • School supports 

  • Peer-mediated interventions 

  • Social skills 

  • Augmentative and alternative communication (e.g., TouchChat, PECS) 

Please contact us for more information about our program.

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